While exam over-reads occur on a daily basis, many healthcare organizations do not support this critical function with a system for reporting and tracking results.

Over-reads are a common imaging practice, as attending radiologists formally interpret the “prelims” of emergency medicine (ED) physicians, residents and teleradiology groups. Discrepancies, however, are often not tracked and formally reported. Moreover, communication of amended diagnostic reports is typically manual due to system incompatibilities across departments or the ineffectiveness of home-grown solutions. With manual and home-grown methods, reports can be lost and result discrepancies may be overlooked.

QICS Solution

peerVue offers several options for over-read management, including ED, resident, teleradiology or qualitative intelligence and communication system (QICS)-driven solutions. Using QICS, the attending radiologist indicates that a case has a prelim and then provides over-reading with specific feedback on the prelim through an easy point-and-click process. This feedback populates a follow-up/review worklist for the ED, resident or teleradiology group involved. Reports are provided to the reading department or organization and the specific individual to promote quality improvement.

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